Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pakistan has weird stuff in it

so Part One of my little jaunt had me stuck inside a National Geographic with a few cut-outs from Asterix stories for good measure. These people are nomadic goat herders and have recently arrived at their winter camp.

Here in a rare display of cohabitation you see men and women appearing to be having a wee chat. Of course the men are having a chat. And the women are having a chat. And I certainly didn't take this picture cause it would have been quite inappropriate to even Look at a women. You see its a bit like New Zealand breasts. I'll explain. In New Zealand you can have a nice set somewhere in your field of vision no problem. They're just part of life. It gets awkward when you find yourself looking at breasts. You've got maybe 0.4secs to nonchalantly look elsewhere before you find "filthy perv" stuck on your nametag. Its the same with women in Pakistan. You need to be real clever to get a photo like these ones.
Anyway I ate and slept in these tents for a while.

roti and curry. bowl of salt. bowl for bone fragments. breakfast. lunch. dinner. hold roti in left hand. eat with right.

foot disease, tea, pus, wounds, ticks, tea, minor surgery, how about a cup of tea now

scribbling furiously. except I wasn't furious. or scribbling. listening and writing rather.

Then after I'd learnt a bunch about what nomadic goat herders are good at and lousy at, a nice big seminar. One time me and Steve Chitty went to Toastmasters. We both qualified as "Competent Toast Masters".
Mr Chitty went on to become the Bourgeoisie. I used my skills for the workers in their daily struggle of their means of production.

Kinda looks like AD 200 don't you think? Except the powerlines (bourgeois piece of shit electricity).

Cool how I discovered the "large" option for pictures.

and this is where i hung out for the second part of the trip.

If this piece of hill was in NZ it might be like 10% of a farm. So imagine how weird it is when there are I dunno like 30 houses and 30 families all trying to live off it.

This was where the earthquake made a really big mess a couple of years ago and the NGO I was with donated hundreds of cows and buffalo to people who had lost theirs (like dead, not misplaced). This is an archieve photos so I can neither confirm nor deny whether that is Cannabis sativa behind the said buffalo. Certainly in November the miriad of pot plants are drying up and ready to roll straight from the plant.

a whole bunch of sticking stethoscopes on thoraxes. And also some other things. Lots of houses around here still look like this from after the earthquake: just the lower walls and some reinforcing steel. Sucks when in December the snows come.

this is my translator explaining something to an old dude.

You seen this one but this is LAAAARRRGE size. Another seminar but this time for the buffalo/cow people. Its all about the milk and the reproduction so it can be about the milk again. Its a beautiful thing to be part of kids getting milk in their bellies. I'm all about that.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Spring is sprung, the taggers is come

Does anyone read Tag? someone stuck it on our garage.

and in a moment of originality stuck another one on the road thus:

I think it is arabic-based tagging, or possibly Cambodian.

But on a better note:

this is my favourite time to look at nature.

When was the last time you used Pall Mall's famous length to get into the pants of a lady? Outstanding. and natural.


One day we left the house.

I saw a train.

No one used heroin.

oh and then we got sick with this shitty thing called influenza which makes your feverish and sore and cough both lungs up. Pity really.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


do you know that your kiwisaver money might be funding armaments? I nearly gave a bunch of currency to Boeing.

but there are ethical investment alternatives available.
Which one did you fund?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I dispise nature

Some clever clogs started a stink trick whereby he (white, male, corporate I'm guessing) equated "NATURAL" with the romantic ideas of the old. You know - good health, peaceful dew drops, clear skies, a picturesque village with ubiquitous chattering and giggling of children, the biggest lentil plants you've ever seen...

This was clever because now he could market all sorts of shit with the adjective: NATURAL and wonderous feelings would glow from the consumer. Not just veges, but stereos ("Kenwood, Naturally"), and they sky was the limit as far as what NATURAL would market.

And its tempting to say its all good. Getting simple on it. making your own beer, organic gardens, getting out of the city.... ahhhh...

But actually NATURE is full of shit. NATURE means lying on a dirt floor, can't sleep cause of the flea's (yeah like garlic really gets rid of those), festering wounds (yeah like garlic really gets rid of those), poxed, rabid, freezing cold, headachy, isolated, nackered from fricking hard work, predated, hungry from crop failure....

NATURE means death for 30% of babies,

Here's the clincher:

NATURE is where the only music is what comes out of your own mouth


NATURE is red in tooth and claw (Tennyson I believe)

ok enough of that.

Why then is it a GOOD thing that preservative-free dog food is NATURAL????